4 tips for Dressy Winter Outfits


(Wearing: Atmos&Here Dress and Heels)

As much as I’d like to stay home and hibernate for the duration of Winter, social commitments still call! And having a birthday in the middle of it all means I have to rustle up at least ONE dressy winter outfit :p

I put this look together for The Iconic and it’s head to toe Atmos&Here branded (they have an awesome range that covers workwear to dressy to funky to activewear!).

Read on for what I look for in a dressy winter piece, and also a collection of items that fit the bill for me!

1. Keep the sleeves long

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way! This is a non-negotiable for me, especially since I feel the cold in my upper body the most. And while a big statement sleeve is fun, make sure they’ll fit in your coat/jacket sleeve!

2. Think prints and textures

Speaking of coats…if I know I’ll be outside most of the night and keeping my coat on I’ll opt for something printed, bonus points if there are gold buttons involved for some added interest!

If a coat is just to get from point A to B then I’ll make sure the outfit underneath will hold it’s own sans jacket. For this, a cool printed dress or blouse is the easy option, and I’m a huge fan of textured fabrics (#givemeallthevelvet and shimmery things as pictured!) to elevate a look.

Printed or velvet long sleeve dresses have been my go-to for a winter wedding or birthday celebration wear!


the iconic metallic dress and velvet shoes

3. Statement shoes and accessories

If letting go of jeans and cozy tops is just not an option then let a statement earring, bright lippie or funky shoes do the outfit elevating for you! This is probably the most budget-friendly option as well seeing as they can all be re-styled for warmer months.

Special shout out to these velvet bad boys pictured! If you follow me on the ‘gram you’d see they’ve already been restyled with a denim and blazer combo.


4. Team tights with OTK boots

I’ve only recently started doing this myself but it definitely makes for a toasty combo. OTK (over the knee) boots aren’t just for mini skirts or to wear over skinny jeans. Team them with midi length skirts and dresses to get more wear out of summer/autumn pieces.

Oh, and don’t worry that the skirt covers most of the boots, in fact, that’s welcome. Because there’s an uninterrupted silhouette this pairing can lengthen, especially if the boots and remaining outfit are all of the same colour tones.

I hope that gives you a bit of guidance on what to look for when choosing a dressy winter look, whether it be shopping instore or shopping your closet! 🙂

T xo


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