5 Time Saving Hair Products For The Morning Rush

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating like getting ready for the morning rush to work. Not!

 It’s Monday and you’ve snoozed a little too hard missing your chance to leisurely wash and style your hair before work. While you debate with your inner-self on pulling your hair up in a bun (yet, again) or washing your tresses at full speed should be a battle best left for another day… What if I told you hair washing doesn’t have to be the ordeal that your used to?

Whether your fighting frizz, detangling fine hair or adding volume, no matter your battle, we’ve got the perfect solution to help ease your morning routine to get you out the door with perfect locks in no time.



dyson, supersonic hair dryer

There's a reason why Dyson's hair dryers reign supreme. It's the hot gusts that promise zero static, frizz free hair all achieved in a quick easy and quiet manner. Blow drying has never been so sexy, and did we mention a fast wet to dry result?

tangle teezer, wet detangling brush

For our fine hair ladies, there's nothing quite as frustrating as detangling knots when working with dry hair let alone when wet - and not to mention the damage one can do when brushing in a fury. Try this wet detangling brush you can use straight out the shower that's gentle and won't snap your pretty locks.

colorwow, dream coat spray

Fighting the frizz? Same. Wow is an understatement when you use this dream coat spray. Yes, it really is a dream come true for us frizz fighting ladies. Whether you have thick or fine tresses, liberally spray onto wet hair and watch as you achieve a salon quality blow dry that fights humidity and frizz. Plus it lasts up to three washes - a god send!

slip, pure silk turban

For our curly haired beauties, I get it, washing your hair has to be scheduled the night before and isn't an off the rail decision you can make come Monday morning. I'm sure you've heard of the silk turban, but if you haven't, before you rest your head on a silk pillowcase, pop your hair in a turban and wake up with perfectly styled hair the next morning. Got a bouncy blow out and want it to last? Try a silk turban, it'll be your new best friend.

klorane, dry shampoo with aquatic mint

It's been a week and you're on day 3 with zero to no chance of washing your in the morning. So fine, try this refreshing dry shampoo with a cooling feel to get you by for that one more day. If you're feeling a little flat and after something that works over time by adding volume, then try the Living Proof Dry Shampoo here.

Happy Styling!

Love, T xoxo

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