baby doll.

Ahoy, 2015!

I write this on a Sunday afternoon, which also happens to mark the last day of 2 fantastic weeks off over the silly season. You’d think post-holiday blues would of set in by now but I feel truly rested up and ready to get stuck into the year!(aaaand I think just jinxed myself!)
It was the first time in a few years I stayed close to home instead of heading overseas (perhaps that’s why I feel so rested!) and while amazing holiday snaps on social media by my friends gave me a slight case FOMO at the start, reflecting back on the past couple of weeks I wouldn’t change a thing!
These photos were taken during a very relaxing few days stay at the Peppers Manor House in Bowral, a 2 hour drive south-west of Sydney. I picked up this cute as pie baby doll dress via St. Frock because it is so similar to one I had when I was little- I was just bummed I forgot my big floppy hat to complete the look! Alas, I settled for $20 H&M slides and $10 Colette handbag via DFO Homebush. Chucking on a big floppy hat next time for sure!
How did you all spend you silly season?

I hope you all are well rested and excited for the year ahead! Happy new year treasure hunters!
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Photography: Paul Lui

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  1. myprettysydney

    Hi Tina, just stumbled upon your blog today and wanted to say I love it! Cute dress in this post too – I love baby doll dresses as well. They are so flattering, show off all the right things and cover up all the things you don't want want to highlight (namely a tummy after eating a big meal!). Thanks for sharing! Maadz xo

  2. Tina Abeysekara

    Hi Maadz!

    Thank you for your lovely compliments! You're so right, the baby doll can hide a multitude of sins. In fact, straight after these photos were taken I had a degustation dinner with 7 courses- perfect cover up for the food baby that ensued :p.

    T xo

  3. Prom Outfitters

    Yes, the color of the dress really matched with your skin complexion.
    Cool outfit B:)
    I always look forward for your blogs Tina 🙂
    Alex of Prom Outfitters

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