Basic Knits A/W 2022

zara striped knit

You know what’s sexy? Layers.

Ok, ok ‘FRIENDS’ quote aside layers are pretty great. They add much needed warmth but also interest to winter looks- colour, texture, prints! So many combo options(…speaking of which, check out my ebook for a guide to mixing colours).

Today’s round up is all about the basic knit, those layers you can easily pair under blazers/coats (printed and block coloured), leggings and jeans.


  • Don’t be shy to size up! Options like 1, 3, 10, 12 14 all have a straight cut that would look effortlessly stylish worn loose and baggy over leggings or jeans. Option 3 has been my go-to for years and I have nearly every colour!
  • Check the fabric, especially for fitted options. Breathable fabrics are your best friend when it’s right against your skin. Look for blends to keep things affordable (natural fibres like wool/cotton/cashmere mixed with poly/acrylic/viscose/nylon)
  • Keep an eye on length, even for the oversized look! Unless tunic style length is what you’re going for, hemlines that hit 1/2-3/4 down your zipper will help balance the volume and not drown you in fabric.


basic knits


  1. Zara Black Striped
  2. Blue fitted top (comes in 4 colours)
  3. Uniqlo Knit (I have 3 colours! Size S)
  4. Uniqlo Merino Knit (I have a few, perfect for work. Size S)
  5. Classic turtle neck (comes in a few colours)
  6. Textured Knit (3 colours)
  7. Trendy halve zip (comes in 3 colours)
  8. Chic khaki for work
  9. Abstract knit
  10. Abstract knit with flare sleeve
  11. Trending green stripe
  12. Block colour knit
  13. Fitted knit with gold detail
  14. Zara cream and navy (I have this in size S)
  15. Zara cropped Knit

Remember to check out my Boots Round up to finish off your look!

Happy Hunting!

T xoxo

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