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Once in awhile you need a staycation. I wore this look over the weekend when the boy and I played tourist in our own city and took in the sites while eating our way through Sydney. While Sydney Harbor was dazzeling as usual I especially liked taking a minuet to really look at the beautiful old buildings of the CBD. So many details we miss when bustling past during rush hour!
While it’s usually my more ‘polished’ outfits that end up on the blog I thought I’d post my off duty uniform for a change…I mean, I do wear it 90% of the time! With the cooler weather my go to is a knit, a knit, or a knit. I’ve got quite the collection going and this Lulu and Rose one from Glue Store is on high rotation.
So in the spirit of all things knit I’ve rounded up my favorites, but kept them budget friendly of course! Scroll on down for my picks (turn off Ad blockers to view!).
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