Tried and Tested: Cosy Knits for Home

Welcome to the second instalment of the Tried and Tested series (missed the first one? It’s right here). As it’s nearly time to start overusing the phrase #winteriscoming I’ve rounded up 5 tried and tested: cosy knits for home! Scroll on for the picks, you’ll be feeling like a warm hug in no time!

  1. Target Active Fashion Hoodie ($30)

Ok, ok not technically a knit but I’m wearing this as I type and it sure is cosy! Would be rude not to share! I have the khaki green in a size 10 and picked up the purple in a size 14 for a super oversized feel. Oh yes, and it’s nice and fleecy on the inside! Sizes 8-20.

Target Hoodie

2. Kmart Funnel Neck Jumper ($25)

This one is tried and tested by you. Comes in 6 colours this year (yep, I have last years one in tan) and sizes 8-20.

Kmart Knit

3. Uniqlo Souffle Yarn Knit ($49.90)

Uniqlo items consistently make any of my lists because it’s a brand you really can’t do much wrong with. Uniqlo has Impeccable quality thanks to an intensive R&D process, use ethically sourced natural fibres and are experts at timeless designs. The perfect candidate for my hunt for treasures you can #pickwellstyleoften!

I’ve picked just 1 knit for here but the whole range is worth a scroll. Sizes XS-XXL.

Uniqlo knit

4. Target Merino Wool ($30)

100% Australian merino wool knit for $30? Um, yes, please! Personally haven’t tried this but have had many a positive DM’s about them. There’s a cardi version which looks equally promising in the cosy stakes. Sizes XS-XXL.

Target Merino Wool Knit

5. Country Road Heritage Sweater ($100)

There’s timeless and then there’s iconic. Loved by generations the Country Road Sweat regularly comes up as a fave in the T2T FB Group.

100% Australian cotton in French terry fabric means it has moisture-wicking properties while keeping you cosy. A great year-round piece.

Country Road Heritage Sweat

There you have it, some tried and tested cosy knits to get you started for this winter and seasons to come! Have you tried any of them already? Would love to know!

Until next time, happy hunting!

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