wardrobe staple: blazers

Blazer: TKMAXX, Pants: Target, Top: Uniqlo, Shoes: Sportsgirl
If you follow my #OOTD (that’s ‘Outfit Of The Day’ if you’re wondering!) posts on social media this declaration might not come as a surprise: I LOVE me a blazer- especially one in a longline cut! Their clean silhouettes are instantly slimming, and a bit of length goes a long way if you’re in tight high waisted pants and skipped squat day for 12 weeks straight like yours truly over here…:p
Hiding problem bits aside a good old blazer is the perfect piece to refresh your old favorites. They can bring summer dresses into winter and I swear the classic tee/jeans/blazer combo will outlast all of us!
Scroll on to see my current online faves, hope you like!
T xo

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  1. Bec fanning

    Hey! Am on your blazer blog and the items showing up aren’t blazers? Wondering if you need to fix a link as I would love to see some you reccomend! Thanks

  2. Sarah

    Hello! Love your insta! I was just looking on your page for Blazers but noticed there are no actual blazers in the scroll down section on the blog post about blazers? Anyway just alerting you in case it’s an error, as I love your work! (https://trashtotreasured.com/wardrobe-staple-blazers/)
    Best wishes,

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