What To Watch in Iso: 45 options for a binge.

what to watch in iso

From true crime and documentaries to some light-hearted fun here’s a breakdown of what to watch in iso.


So I asked the T2T fam on Instagram ‘watcha watching?’ and y’all did not disappoint.

Settle in for a binge sesh cos I’ve popped the popular picks below, plus my recent favourites.

Happy viewing!

My faves to watch for REALITY:

  1. Next In Fashion (Netflix) Tan France, fashion and the most wholesome contestants. Loved this!
  2. Love Is Blind (Netflix) Paul and I watched this for a laugh but quickly got invested! There’s even a reunion episode which was SO satisfying.
  3. The Circle (Netflix)
  4. Terrace House (Netflix) A Japanese version of a very PG-rated Big Brother. Love how the hosts call it like it is.
  5. Gogglebox- (Foxtel Now) An oldie but damn it’s kept me laughing through the years!

My faves to watch for CRIME DRAMA:

  1. The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair (Stan). Watched this in a day! Loved it.
  2. Quicksand (Netflix). Swedish drama about a school shooting. We watched it in 1 weekend!
  3. The Bridge (Netflix). Danish/Swedish crime drama.
  4. Elite (Netflix) Has subtitles but worth the reading!
  5. Line Of Duty (Netflix)
  6. Broadchurch (No longer on Netflix, catch it on SBS On Demand)
  7. Bodyguard- Season 2 just got announced and I’m here.for.it. (Netflix)
  8. The Stranger- Based on a thriller novel by Harlan Coben. Enjoyed ‘Safe’ as well, another Coben adaptation. (Netflix)
  9. The Fall (Netflix)
  10. Killing Eve (ABC iView)

My faves to watch for TRUE CRIME:

  1. When They See Us (Netflix)
  2. Longshot (Netflix). Such an interesting case! Had never heard of it before.
  3. Dirty John (Netflix)
  4. The Mind of Aaron Hernandez (Netflix)
  5. Unbelievable (Netflix)
  6. Don’t F*ck with Cats (Netflix)

My faves to watch for COMEDY:

  1. Sex Education (Netflix)
  2. Dead To Me (Netflix)
  3. Brooklyn 99 (Current season 7 on SBS On Demand, 1-6 on Netflix)
  4. The Inbetweeners (Netflix)
  5. The Good Place (Netflix)
  6. The Other Guy (Stan)

My faves to watch for COMEDY-DRAMA:

  1. After Life (Netflix). Loved it so much I watched it twice.
  2. Fleabag (ABC iView)
  3. Euphoria (Foxtel Now)
  4. Younger (Stan)
  5. The Bold Type (Stan). Didn’t have high hopes for this one but one of my faves now. I like that they bring marginalised topics into the forefront. Oh, and the fashion closet ain bad!
  6. Master of None (Netflix)

What you guys are watching:

Now, if you’ve reached this point and still outta things to watch, I got you! Here are some options which were sent in by the T2T fam. Definitely added to my list!

  1. Money Heist (Netflix)
  2. Ozark (Netflix) I hear this has Breaking Bad vibes.
  3. Unorthodox (Netflix).
  4. Virgin River (Netflix)
  5. The Capture (ABC iView). This sounds like a promising Britsh thriller.
  6. The Crimson Rivers (SBS On Demand). French crime drama.
  7. Murder Mountain (Netflix). True crime documentary.
  8. The Pharmacist (Netflix). True crime documentary.
  9. Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist (Stan)
  10. Self Made (Netflix)
  11. Kims Convenience (Netflix)
  12. Home Before Dark. (Apple+).
  13. Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)
  14. Designated Survivor (Netflix)
  15. Atypical (Netflix)
  16. I Am The Night (Stan)
  17. The 100 (Netflix)
  18. Tiger King (Netflix)

Hope this has given you a solid start on what to watch in iso! I’ll update this list as I discover new faes so be sure to bookmark for future reference.

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