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Hello ‘autumn’…

I saw a meme the other day that went something like: ‘Oh  okay, it’s March. Nobody panic. It was just Christmas, hahaha, but now it’s March.’ My sentiments exactly! The summer came and went way too fast but was decent enough to leave behind this glorious weather week in Sydney.

So it’s legs out, checks out in this Beginning Boutique playsuita perfect trans-seasonal piece with plenty of styling potential. The loose material allows layering while also posing ‘is it a dress? is it a playsuit?’ ponderings and the monochrome color palette leave pairing options wide open. Pretty handy for $49!
As you can see I went for the print clash option, but it was via happy accident. I picked up these leopard print Bardot heels for $30 many moons ago and they.are.comfy. So comfy in fact that they live in the back seat of my car as my ‘chill to chic’ transformers. 
I’ve come to look at leopard print as a neutral colour, and as someone that is not very big on jewellery (my usually get up is pearl earrings and watch) a neutral that can add a little something to an outfit is a great little item to have in the wardrobe arsenal…or the back seat of the car.
Bardot Heels
Bardot Leather Jacket
Photography: Paul Lui

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