A shift dress never goes astray…especially $20 ones. 
I walk by a SES Fashionstore everyday and now and then I’ll pop in, and now and then I’ll bag a bargain. I’m especially fond of this one as the simple monochrome print adds versatility and trend longevity- not bad for $20!
This latest SES buy is paired with a Target trench I nabbed on sale for $30. I um’ed and ah’ed before the purchase as it was a stinking hot summer day and I have a shopping habit of only gravitating towards items suited to the weather at the time. I know, not very savvy for a bargain hunter! But I’m glad my inner thrifty-ness got the better of me as this trench has been a savior in this weird weather week we’ve been having. I’ve just chucked it on over my normal summer wardrobe and I’m good to go!
A special mention needs to go out to these Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses– or rather the website I got them from. For those who don’t know I’m pretty damn blind in both eyes (-6.25 to be exact) which equals glasses and contacts from the moment I wake up. I spend a good chunk of coin on daily contact lenses and am always on the hunt for the cheapest option. Enter Vision Direct. Not only are the contact lenses I need cheapest here, they also have the cheapest designer eye-wear online (or price match) and do same day free express shipping. All in all quite a handy site to know about!
On that note, happy Friday treasure hunters! Have a fabulous weekend.
T xo
SES Shift Dress (similar)
Target Trench (similar herehere, and here)
Wittner Heels
 Photography: Rupert Tandingan

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